What fuels your action – fear or passion?

We see so many motivated people, achievers, pushing through bad moments, and getting what they wanted. And we go ‘ahhh’. And wonder why things don’t work for us the same way.

Often it’s about the real reason behind the action, as there is a difference between engagement and sacrifice.

Engagement is when you want something badly.

Sacrifice is when you have to do it otherwise something bad will happen.

If your action is based on sacrifice, the result will not bring you much but relief. No satisfaction, and no motivation to continue, so you’ll fail anyway before you get there. And if you manage to finish, it’ll probably turn out what you get was not worth the effort.

So how to recognise what is what?

If you have done something, and you want to do more – it’s really your thing.

And if you ticked the box, and said ‘Gosh, I still have to continue’, then think if it’s really your path.

What is behind your current struggle – fear or passion?



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