We like how the safety of indecision seems, but it’s a trap

Imagine that all of your investments were sold by accident.

You have a decision to make – do you rebuy the same stocks?

Simple question. Here comes another one – do you have to wait for something external to decide that it’s time to make a shift?

Naturally, there is particular beauty in disasters – they show us what we truly value, and that changes are possible. Even if we tell ourselves daily that we cannot find time to see relatives, we cannot say ‘no’ to this client or don’t have time to eat tonight.

Disasters show us that all of these are just excuses, not reality. 

But there is also the second aspect to that. If something major happens, we feel justified to make changes. It’s customary, and we don’t have to explain anything, also in front of ourselves.

Everyone will say – ‘ah yes, she had the nasty accident a month ago, so now she doesn’t w

ork overtime – you know, she said it’s not worth it. I wish I had that conviction.’ Can you see how ridiculous it looks on paper?

Somehow we feel we cannot just change something that doesn’t work – we have to find an excuse first. Notice that we don’t permit ourselves to start something on Thursday – it always has to be Monday, doesn’t it? Or New Year, 40th birthday, first million or birth of a child.

‘The new opening’ – a reason other people will approve. We don’t need that. 

So, are you buying the same stocks? And if you buy and keep them, it means you are happy with your choice. Lack of action is an action too. Not selling is a decision which you make every day, often with huge emotional effort.

We like how the safety of indecision seems, but it is a trap.

Instead of struggling, why not to make the decision you want to? 

And if you sold something you regret selling, rebuy it. Investing is a skill, and mistakes are a part of the process. Only by not fixing it do we fail.

So what about your choices – you already can see where you’re heading.

Will you stay on course or change? 


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