Joanna Nurmi, FCCA, CIA, is a Burnout and Resilience Coach and delivers trainings, speeches and workshops about Burnout and Resilience-related topics. 

Drawing on my own experience in business and finance, she shares practical insights and understanding from her work as a coach with business owners, finance and IT professionals.

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Choose from a Wide Range of Topics, Tailored to Your Audience

  • Burnout recovery and prevention
  • Building resilience
  • Emotional intelligence

Examples of Joanna’s speeches and workshops:

Burnout – you can get ahead of it

Modern culture is not a friend of work-life balance.

And even if we may think that changing the way companies function may be the ultimate win,  addressing systemic problems is only one part of fighting workplace burnout. As employees, we don’t always have a chance to influence that.

We can avoid or recover from burnout is by increasing our  resilience and making conscious choices about our life. 

And we do have the choice, and it doesn’t have to mean changing jobs.

Common misconceptions that keep you burned out

We can have all the tools and wisdom of the world, but if we keep ourselves stuck, nothing will help.

“I’m too young to burn out,” “I’m weak,” “It’s how it is in my profession,” and “There is no way out” – are just a few false beliefs that prevent us from acting.

In burnout, we have much more control than it feels, but we see it only if we can step back and get a perspective. And getting rid of false information is crucial to your or your loved one’s recovery. 

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