Lack of rules doesn’t create freedom – it creates a mess

We talk a lot about our personal freedom of choice and behaviour.

But let’s think about it.

If you have a child or even a dog and you just give them love but no rules, you will have a hell of a problem.

If your employees are constantly late for work, and you treat it as no big deal, then, well… somehow the deadlines will start being missed.

Tell yourself you can work or party as much as you want – you will find yourself in trouble sooner than you realize.

Lack of rules doesn’t create freedom – it creates a mess.

I don’t believe in control. We are all grown up people and we must treat each other that way.

But this includes ourselves.

It’s a funny thing that we usually stick to other people’s rules but break our own all the time.

We know exactly how to play on our weaknesses, so we easily fall for the excuses.

Somehow, we would not manipulate somebody else like that right?

Show yourself respect too.

If you decided that you don’t work more than 10 hours a day – don’t. That you will find 30 minutes a day to work out – do it.

Obviously, emergencies happen. Sometimes you must push through, stay longer, skip something.

But that is for the genuine emergencies. 

We cannot live in a constant emergency state.

I know it sounds harsh. In the end, why should we put any restrictions on ourselves?

Because it works.

It works on others, it works on us too.

It’s not about losing spontaneity but sticking to crucial things.

Because if we let ourselves go loose, then well. It will definitely be fun for a month!

And sometimes it’s fine. But in the end, we crave structure, something that pushes us through towards our purpose and who we are.

We just need this. Like a dog which is much happier if he has boundaries as he knows where he stands; so, he can just relax.

The same with us. No running around like crazy, testing ourselves.

Are there some rules that you should stick to?


  1. Thorsten

    As always, a thoughtful and intelligent article. However, I do have a different conclusion. For me, it really depends on the person. Many people (also in work environment) need clear rules and would see it as weakness if they don’t have. But others can handle it and it maybe even a huge advantage for them (e.g. to combine the job with a small child or taking care of their older parents). Within the second group you can rely that they are getting their things done and in many cases they are grateful for the “lack of rules” you give them.

    • Jo from Good and Done

      That’s a good point! The ‘lack of rules’ shall be agreed on too. The point is to be transparent and then everything can be adjusted to a particular situation, with a clear benefit for everyone 🙂


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