How to accept ‘no’? Talk to your cat

I want you to look at your cat and call it to come right now.

And yes, leave that can of tuna alone!

We all can see what’s coming.

Probably, the little devil will look at you with an eye half-opened and go back to sleep.

And I can already hear you saying – ‘Joanna, but it’s a CAT! They are like that. What do you expect?’ 

It’s funny how we give freedom of choice to cats but not to other people.

We can argue that we have to accept it as it’s just their nature and we cannot change it.

The point is, it’s the same with people.

What makes it so different is our expectations.

But why do we like cats so much in the end if they do what they want?

Probably, as when they come to us, it’s because they want to. So it’s meaningful.

And we want to get only meaningful ‘yeses,’ right?

We have a right to ask, and others have a right to say ‘no’.

If we don’t allow ‘no’ as an answer, then we demand, not request. And we always want free consent from others.

Otherwise, it won’t last.

If we treat other people like cats, many of our problems will disappear.

Which ones in your case?


    • Jo from Good and Done



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