“Coaching is an interpersonal process that helps people achieve positive change and growth. By harnessing innate strengths, uncovering intrinsic motivations, and asking empowering questions, coaching fosters self-generated insight, vision, and goal clarity.” – Institute of Coaching, (Harvard Medical School)

You can recover burnout or exhaustion  even if you don’t know yet how. 

There’s still a social stigma connected to it, and often even mentioning to someone that we are stressed more than usual, may feel like a risky move. But burnout will not go away by itself.

You may recover from, or avoid, burnout, and the sooner you talk to someone about it, the sooner your situation will change.

Quitting your job may not be the answer

Approaching burnout, the first thing that comes to mind is quitting the job. But, luckily, often it is not necessary. Everything depends on the reason you burned out, and sometimes it may be not that obvious.

I will help you understand why you burned out, and the first reason coming to mind often isn’t the real one. 

Approaching burnout, as any other difficult situation,  you need room to breathe.

One of the characteristics of this state is that you feel miserable and hopeless, but it is just a feeling. Remind yourself that it was not always like that and life can be good again.  

I’m not saying that it will be easy – in fact, it will be uncomfortable at first to put your guard down and talk. But it will be very rewarding.

No walking on hot coals though – just some self-reflection.

If this sounds good, I invite you to schedule an introductionary call to see if we are a good coaching match.

Schedule a call to talk about your situation, your needs and what solution may be the best for you:

We can work together to:

  • find out why things are as they are at the moment with your career
  • assess what is important for you at this stage of your life
  • develop a plan for the next steps to go out of burnout, and what you want to do next
  • find out the ways to navigate challenging and stressful situations in your career
  • bring the confidence in your abilities to thrive
  • work out how to integrate your career and personal life
  • bring your passion back and be more energetic and positive that you can actually build the lifestyle you prefer


Everything depends on your personal situation and goals. Some past clients have chosen coaching to reinvent themselves too, as burnout led them to take a closer look at their lives and wanted to make more changes.



3-month program

I recommend that you consider at least a three-month program – 3 months is a good amount of time to get to the bottom of things and see results in practice.

Especially since there probably will be days where you may feel like spending a session talking about current developments in your life, and there is no reason to hurry.

How does it work?

  • We will both commit to 12 meetings over three months.
  • The initial session will take 1.5 hours to get to know you better, and the others will be 1-hour long.
  • Before the first meeting, you will receive an assessment form that will help you see where you are at the moment.

Weekly sessions sound intense, and they are – it’s to help you make changes and keep the momentum.

In between, depending on the topic, you will receive materials and exercises that you can go through at your own pace, so that you can spend the next coaching meeting talking instead of listening. 

Bespoke program

If you would like to discuss another solution – intensive program or a program including more elements (e.g. transition planning), please get in touch

Continuous cooperation

If want to have the comfort of longer support, feel free to reach out and discuss the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How coaching can help me?

Many people say that coaching transformed them. A new outlook on the future, and a perspective that changes how they feel about their life.

It can help you to take a look at your situation and take actions that can actually help you, even if they seem unachievable at the moment. 

Do I need a coach or a therapist?

It depends on how you feel. If you have depression, anxiety, or similar issues, a therapist will be a better match for you.
In any case of burnout, it’s good to visit a physician first to get an objective opinion about the state of your health. If they suggest visiting a psychologist or a psychiatrist, I would highly recommend doing so!

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

I do – please get in touch to discuss the details.

Get in touch

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