Joanna Kulbacka, FCCA - Burnout and Resilience Coach

I help to overcome burnout to thrive in life and career again.
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“Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.”

– Michael Gungor

Many people think that burnout is an unavoidable part of making a career.

They invested lots of effort in their education and experience, often sacrificing their private life for future success.

Looking around, they see their colleagues and senior executives living and breathing their work, and may come to conclusion that this is how it should be. Then, they take their stress home. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Most of us work in less emotionally draining professions as we don’t deal with life and death dilemmas every day. Therefore, we can get even better results.

How I can help

Choose from coaching, training and speaking. 


Book Joanna to speak to your team about burnout or deliver a training on resilience


You can recover from burnout, and it will be much easier if you don’t do it alone.

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What people say

“Thank you for the great sessions! I really appreciate you asking the right questions, and bringing me back to reality when I was trying to sidetrack! I needed someone to ‘push me’ as I didn’t feel that I could do it myself. I felt supported and positive. I wish you all the best!”


“I was in a tough spot, with my responsibilities at work and taking care about of my aging mother. It was too much, and I didn’t know where to turn, as everyone needed my attention. Thank you for your openness and kindness in helping me find a way to go through it and stop feeling so guilty. I truly appreciate that.”


“Jo gave me space to sit, think and really feel my feelings. I had so many moments of clarity about what I was thinking and how I lost myself trying to prove something to other people. Thanks to these realizations I feel like I live my life more peacefully. Thank you!”


“What struck me in Joanna was that she really listens. I felt I could say what I think, and that is rare. Thanks to that and me being honest with myself, I realized how many things I can actually change, and I did change a lot already. Life looks different.”


Helping to come back from burnout to fulfilling life 


I am a former analyst and auditor at Big 4 companies. I worked in three countries in the corporate world, and observed many clients and colleagues struggling with stress and burnout.

As I successfully helped a few of them to improve their situation, it inspired me to change my career to coaching, and it’s a very fulfilling path for me.

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